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i have been shopping too. much. lately. i think it's the promise of spring, or because i'm ready to go on a vacation -- either way, i've been window-shopping like it's my job. thankfully, my wish list is far longer than the list of items that i actually end up buying and keeping (phew!). always scheming my next purchase, i suppose.

speaking of: Anthropologie has so many great things right now, that it was worth a blog post. i'm talking about statement earrings, embroidered prints, a jumpsuit i need and some really good shoes -- shop what i'm eyeballing below, and let me know your favorites!

a gal's closet needs a great denim jacket. i love the white leopard embroidery on this option.

lots of embroidered details in Anthro's new arrivals, including this blouse with red embroidery.

raw hemmed jeans look extra cool with a cutout detail. 

striped pants for beach days.

these are pure magic: satin princess sandals with a floral gemstone.


mixing patterns with patterns is the best.

it's probably one of my favorite things to do. whether it be wearing, decorating, or design, i love finding unconventional ways to make two prints that shouldn't go together, fit like a glove. 

one of my biggest tips for making pattern mixing work, is to focus on similar colors. if the colors go, then the patterns will follow suit. 

take this beautiful wallpaper (ummmmmm can we talk about how awesome this wall is!?) from a Miss Crofton lookbook. i see yellow, a muted green, and a black foundation -- it goes together beautifully! add in a model wearing a lace bralette (in black) with a pair of silk pants with the same golden yellow hue, and the most subtle leopard pattern, and it's a perfect match.

i thought this image looked lovely paired with a spray of mustard wildflowers from designlovefest

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yellow florals | @themissprints

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