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it’s probably time we all agree that leopard is one of the best prints of all time, because i’m officially calling it the pattern of the season. in case you haven’t noticed, leopard is absolutely everywhere this fall, making me one happy gal. SINCE buying MY FIRST PAIR OF leopard ballet FLATS way back in high school, I’ve passionately believed that every wardrobe should include AT LEAST something leopard. and why not? it’s a statement on its own, easy to mix, and insanely versatilE.

lately i’ve been eyeing leopard coats and head to toe leopard (a big fan of the matchy-matchy look), so i’ve rounded 9 great outfits featuring fall’s pattern darling. my takeaway? the more leo the better!


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summer is in full swing here in boston, and it's almost too hot to move. thankfully we got a chance to escape the city last weekend, tucked away in a cute little cabin on a lake in Maine. our days were spent kayaking (so fun!), playing cards, reading, drinking cold beer, and soaking up every second of lake life. before leaving i was feeling an overwhelming sense of "meh" (you may already know that summer is not my favorite season). but once we got to the lake, i felt so much better. i was completely shut off from the internet, took a million photos of fox, got a chance to read all day long and i came back refreshed, motivated and clear-headed -- it's amazing what a little getaway can do for your soul. so rather than lamenting the heat, i am trying a little harder to embrace these warm days instead. i'm not sure if it's my change in attitude or the maine air (or both!), but i've been feeling v. inspired since getting back home. right now i am gravitating towards really bright primary colors: red, white, blue and yellow just feel like the season -- especially in stripe form. the mix of textures and shadows here are also really inspiring, along with imperfect lines, and obviously those striped chairs.




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glass shadow, newspapers, striped dress, vuokko nurmesniemi's home, clay earrings, color-block nails, primary stripe makeup, pool stairs


hello hello! it's been a minute since i last posted on here! i must confess that lately i've been hanging out offline soaking up the sun and getting some house projects accomplished. but the times i have been on my laptop, i've been spending my time on tumblr. tumblr is hands down an escape from traditional social media, for me at least -- there's way less pressure to post the perfect photo (not to mention the stress that hashtags cause). i also love that there are no ads...for now. it's one of my favorite online sources for sparking inspiration when i'm feeling blah. so, after realizing i haven't posted something new here all month (oops!). I felt the urge to create a visual collection of my latest finds: Lots of good imagery like patterned pants, luxe fabrics, gingham, and cotton candy textures. even sparkly hair!


FRUIT, AND houndstooth

sparkly hair.gif



happy friday! i'm back with another edition of my why this works series! -- an attempt to break down crazy print combinations that shouldn't go together, and share my favorite tricks behind why they do.

so let's talk about this gal's outfit: i was immediately drawn to her amazing people-print coat for obvious reasons -- good colors, classic shape, teddy texture, seriously cool pattern. this outfit is also great example of why pairing a large scale print with a smaller style will always look good. there are so many ways you can wear this coat, but instead of throwing on a white dress or jeans (although both would look amazing) consider something unexpected: a long yellow dress covered in dainty florals with a quirky striped basket clutch for example. the trick is playing with scale -- a large print will naturally steal your eye's focus allowing the smaller print to blend into the background. i always look for similar or complementary colors and a distinct difference in pattern size to make sure everything feels cohesive.

scroll down for more print mixing secrets hiding in this outfit!


+ this coat has a classic shape which helps this loud print feel not so loud -- stick to silhouettes you know and feel comfortable in.

long simple layers create a long and lean look that won't compete with head to toe pattern mixing.

+ when using two different pattern sizes in one look, be mindful of color and difference in size

+ pay attention to content -- florals are a pattern neutral and are easy to mix with trendier prints like the one found on this coat. 

+ don't shy away from playing with accessories in clashing prints (especially bags or shoes!), it's a low commitment way to experiment. 

+ when wearing a lot of patterns you need a place for your eye to rest. i like to stick with simple makeup and hair, like a fresh face and a low bun.


original photo / via we what wear


this apartment is stunning -- full of unapologetically bright colors and exciting pattern combinations. i know i say this a lot, but can i please live here?

this red and white kitchen is my favorite room out of the whole home tour, and it might be easy to see why -- it's really all about the floral walls & zig-zag ceiling. both are actually hand-painted, and the high ceilings help make an otherwise intimidating combination work impeccably. i love that the owner took a risk with this; the mural makes the space feel complete. 

(that's Marie-Anne's pup Aedo)

(that's Marie-Anne's pup Aedo)

this home is a one-room flat located in a hotel in Jaipur, India. six years ago, Dutch fashion designer, Marie-Anne Oudejans (most known for her work with Tocca), moved to this royal city in hopes of finding adventure. based on how cool this apartment is, it seems like she found what she was looking for. every corner is dripping with opulent details -- like this golden mirror frame, and funky canopy bench -- but it has enough places for your eye to rest, like the simple floors and calming blue paint. 

Marie-Anne's opulent home in India | @themissprints

fun fact about Jaipur: it is known as the Pink City of India due to its salmon-colored buildings. Jaipur is also the country's epicenter for shopping where you can find treasures like gems, textiles, carpets, antiques and jewelry. 

colorful home in India | @themissprints

upholstered headboards are quite common, yet you never see them mixed with a metal canopy bed. noted.

an opulent bedroom in Jaipur India @themissprints
an opulent home in India @themissprints

the zig-zags continue in this precious dressing room. i absolutely adore every detail, down to the sleepy dog. 

Marie-Anne's opulent home in India | @themissprints


a little Bridget Bardot print-mixing for your Friday morning!

i especially adore these abstract paint swatches by New Orleans artist Logan Ledford. you may have spotted her work on Pinterest (at least that's how i stumbled upon this piece!) and it is all fresh and inspiring. i especially love her unapologetic use of color. Logan is seriously cool so be sure to visit her website here. am considering writing a MUSE feature about this lovely lady; it's been awhile since i did one of those! stay tuned..!


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couples wearing patterns  @themissprints

there is something to be said about a perfectly coordinated couple about town, and aren't these four the cutest? with Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's the perfect excuse to dive into some street style and find inspiration from real life lovebirds. 

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