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it’s probably time we all agree that leopard is one of the best prints of all time, because i’m officially calling it the pattern of the season. in case you haven’t noticed, leopard is absolutely everywhere this fall, making me one happy gal. SINCE buying MY FIRST PAIR OF leopard ballet FLATS way back in high school, I’ve passionately believed that every wardrobe should include AT LEAST something leopard. and why not? it’s a statement on its own, easy to mix, and insanely versatilE.

lately i’ve been eyeing leopard coats and head to toe leopard (a big fan of the matchy-matchy look), so i’ve rounded 9 great outfits featuring fall’s pattern darling. my takeaway? the more leo the better!


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my philosophy for my summer wardrobe is based around utility. it was 95 degrees last week and let's be honest, it's hard to think in that kind of weather, so getting dressed needs to be a literal breeze. my favorite pieces are those that i can (and want to) wear over and over again. i look for items that can be dressed up or down depending on my mood or activity, AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO THROW something TOGETHER WITHOUT MUCH THOUGHT OR PLANNING -- AKA classic silhouettes that can be mixed and matched easily. basically i stick to a uniform made out of BREEZY fabrics and cute accessories, and i try to wear as many stripes as humanly possible. THIS LOOK IS COMPRISED OF PIECES THAT CHECK ALL OF THOSE BOXES: THE LINEN SKIRT IS SUCH A VERSATILE BASIC, THE STRIPED SUIT CAN TOTALLY DOUBLE AS AN CHIC TOP IF NEEDED, AND THOSE LEOPARD SLIDES GO WITH...PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING.


striped swimsuit   /   pool towel   /   linen skirt   /   leopard slides   /   circle bag   /   straw hat

cat eye acetate sunglasses   /   nail polish in "gold lion"   /   red lip tint (with spf 30)   /   matisse magazine


happy friday! i'm back with another edition of my why this works series! -- an attempt to break down crazy print combinations that shouldn't go together, and share my favorite tricks behind why they do.

so let's talk about this gal's outfit: i was immediately drawn to her amazing people-print coat for obvious reasons -- good colors, classic shape, teddy texture, seriously cool pattern. this outfit is also great example of why pairing a large scale print with a smaller style will always look good. there are so many ways you can wear this coat, but instead of throwing on a white dress or jeans (although both would look amazing) consider something unexpected: a long yellow dress covered in dainty florals with a quirky striped basket clutch for example. the trick is playing with scale -- a large print will naturally steal your eye's focus allowing the smaller print to blend into the background. i always look for similar or complementary colors and a distinct difference in pattern size to make sure everything feels cohesive.

scroll down for more print mixing secrets hiding in this outfit!


+ this coat has a classic shape which helps this loud print feel not so loud -- stick to silhouettes you know and feel comfortable in.

long simple layers create a long and lean look that won't compete with head to toe pattern mixing.

+ when using two different pattern sizes in one look, be mindful of color and difference in size

+ pay attention to content -- florals are a pattern neutral and are easy to mix with trendier prints like the one found on this coat. 

+ don't shy away from playing with accessories in clashing prints (especially bags or shoes!), it's a low commitment way to experiment. 

+ when wearing a lot of patterns you need a place for your eye to rest. i like to stick with simple makeup and hair, like a fresh face and a low bun.


original photo / via we what wear


today i'm talking about one of my favorite topics: mixing prints! i've gone through years of trial and error and honestly mixing patterns can be intimidating, especially if you're trying something new. but once i learned what to look for i was mixing prints like a champ -- all you need are a few tricks. so i thought it would be fun to start a new series that really shows why certain pattern combos just work.

this look from @erealouro has a great preppy-california-cool vibe and is super easy to recreate -- chances are you have a stripe top hiding in your closet right now, am i right? i probably have ten (at least), so we're off to a good start. here are a few things i always consider when i mix prints:

why this works / mixing stripes and florals @themissprints

1. stripes are forever and always a neutral and will always go with everything, especially if it's a long-sleeve t-shirt. 

2.  keep your hair and makeup simple.

3. like stripes, florals are very universal and go with most prints. look for a floral pattern with a neutral color background like white, black, or brown so your outfit has a foundation. if it's an especially loud print like these palm pants, the black background will make it feel easier to style -- i know i never think twice about wearing all-black!

4. like makeup and hair, your accessories should somewhat blend in. try accessorizing with natural materials like a round straw bag. you'll achieve an effortless feel that won't compete with all of the patterns going on.

5. there is a hint of orange in the floral pant, which is unexpectedly worn with a pair of creamsicle-colored block sandals rather than something safe like black or brown. don't be afraid of color -- often that solid pop of color really completes the look.



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fall is my favorite time of year, yet i can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for the end of summer in New England. i'll miss the beach trips, nightly BBQs, picking fresh veggies from the garden and those long days, the most. i know summer will technically be here for a few more weeks, but my mind is already focused on all things fall. so before fulling embracing the new season, especially on here, i figured i'd give one last tribute to sweet summertime -- florals, wicker and the perfect shade of raspberry red:


image source: 1 - @alyssainthecity, 2 - noraekeli


you could call me a full-fledged fan and frequent customer of J.Crew (and can check out my past J.Crew musings here). in fact some of my most cherished pieces likely came from Jenna Lyons' creative mind. so when she announced her departure from J.Crew last month, many wondered what the future of J.Crew would look like or what kind of plans Lyons had up her impeccably rolled chambray sleeves. personally i'm wishing for a Jenna Lyons clothing line, but that's just me. one thing that's certain though: this gal has left a legacy filled with great patterns.


since her legacy at J.Crew was kind of a big deal, i've pulled together 11 of the most memorable print moments from the Jenna Lyons Era -- according to MP of course.

sequins for day | @themissprints



some say sequins are not a pattern, but i disagree. at J.Crew, Jenna introduced the idea of sequins for daytime. to avoid looking like a disco ball, she often styled sequins with contrasting casual pieces like cargo pants and slouchy tees to achieve a wearable look.

matchy-matchy @themissprints


matching prints is arguably one of the easiest ways to mix patterns. it's practically foolproof. obviously Jenna took the art of matching prints to the next level for J.Crew -- so much so that matching sets became a styling secret sauce of sorts. my favorites include polka dots, head-to-toe leopard, and the Jenna-famous stripes with stripes with stripes.



remember when clashing prints made you look like a fashion victim from What Not to Wear? with the Lyons touch, crazy combinations (like this) transform into something fresh, exciting, and most importantly, very cool. i'd be so bold to say that Jenna changed the pattern mixing game for a modern gal's everyday wardrobe. she made mixing prints approachable by crafting collections with pieces you could easily play around with and make your own.




i distinctly remember purchasing my first polka dot item of clothing ever, and it was from J.Crew.

i bought a top very similar to the dress pictured here about 6 or 7 years ago. since adding this ladylike piece to start my collection, polka dots have carved a place in my wardrobe -- as easy to wear as black and white. 

striped pants @themissprints



these pants may be J.Crew's greatest statement piece. striped pants could be intimidating, but Jenna managed to take that fear away. she treated striped pants with the ease of a striped tee.



what would Jenna's legacy be without mentioning the shoes! from ballet flats, to block pumps, her collection of shoes came in an exciting array of yummy prints: gingham and plaid, florals, stripes and lots of leopard. thanks to her, J.Crew offered some of the best shoes in the biz. each season i need to add another patterned pretty to my wardrobe -- it's an easy way to spice up a simple look.


these tiny Liberty of London florals have made multiple appearances while Jenna was Creative Director at J.Crew. from quilted jackets, to utilitarian button downs and the perfect pump, even swimsuits and hats, there is usually something available in this English classic print.

leopard and stripes | @themissprints


Jenna definetly made a strong argument for why stripes and leopard should be in every gal's wardrobe -- look how chic this mom of two is! and together, leo and stripes make one of the most classic pattern-pairings in women's fashion. it also happens to be one of Jenna's most signature combinations. and for that, i thank her.

j.crew camo | @themissprints


strange but true: camo is wildy versatile and pretty much goes with everything. i was super excited when J.Crew reintroduced this "pattern neutral" into the spotlight during their nyfw show earlier this year. but what i love most about camo is how it can take something extra-girly, like lace, tulle or pretty bows, and make you look laid-back yet chic. 





like stripes, plaid is a clear staple for J.Crew. it's safe to say that there is plaid on their shelves at all times. Jenna loved pairing this practical print with something glamorous and unexpected: a polished pencil skirt, bright lipstick, a sparkling statement necklace, or piles of patterns.






when i think of the ultimate cozy pattern, my mind often goes to this particular Fair Isle print. Jenna made Fair Isle a perfect choice for wearing around the holidays. i love it's simplicity, and i especially like the look of layering these sweaters with a button-down, scarf or even a blazer. 

jenna gif @themissprints

and this is just the tip of the iceberg. did i miss anything? trust me, it was a challenge to narrow down 26 years of patterns to one short list, and it made me realize that i really will miss Jenna's creativity and playful eye the most. let me know your favorite print moment in the comments!


images via J.Crew


a little Bridget Bardot print-mixing for your Friday morning!

i especially adore these abstract paint swatches by New Orleans artist Logan Ledford. you may have spotted her work on Pinterest (at least that's how i stumbled upon this piece!) and it is all fresh and inspiring. i especially love her unapologetic use of color. Logan is seriously cool so be sure to visit her website here. am considering writing a MUSE feature about this lovely lady; it's been awhile since i did one of those! stay tuned..!


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happy Monday! i am lucky enough to have today off (happy president's day!), and am planning on spending it doing things i normally couldn't do during the week. like spend my morning blogging in the parlor, or going on a midday walk with foxy around the neighborhood. the possibilities feel endless!

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

since nyfw just ended, i thought it was time to do another "the collection with..." story.  this is Rochas Pre-Fall 2017 collection, and it has a lot of great moments: the colors (yellows, blush, peacock blue, and elephant gray), ankle-strap platforms with thick socks, snakeskin, fuzzy coats, golden brocade layered with preppy turtlenecks, delicate florals, velvet, monograms and imperfect hair.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

i was drawn to this collection partly because of the presentation. these photos are full of movement, capturing those awkward, but wonderful in between moments. an unexpected pairing with proper, aristocratic garb.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let's face it, for 2017 muppet fuzz is in -- whether it be a sandal covered in fluffy pom poms, or the warmest jacket you own. it's bright, bold and colorful. Rochas collection includes a faux fur coat in mustard gold and blush pink (keep on scrolling to see that one). 

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

florals and animal prints are a classic pattern mixing combination. in this instance, it's gray snakeskin and granny roses. below is the amazing snakeskin trench coat that inspired me to share this collection in the first place. i'm officially convinced that every girl needs a statement trench in their closet, and a trench made out of this snakeskin pattern feels unexpected but timeless.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

this is the blush faux fur coat, layered to perfection with velvet, brocade and chunky socks.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

the red snakeskin used in Rochas' collection is truly beautiful. in my opinion, colored snakeskin can run a fine line between impossibly chic and tacky, especially if it's red. but here, it totally works. i especially love how this skirt has been styled -- paired with an effortless rose colored tank, and luxe velvet pumps.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let me know which look was your favorite!

Rochas Pre-Fall 2017