happy new year! can you believe 2019 is already here, not to mention we’re already a week in?! it’s wild. i started my year with a cold — the too-sick-to-leave-your-house kind — and spent nye on the couch watching a movie marathon with tissues and chinese takeout. thankfully i’m back to feeling myself again, and it feels like 2019 is just about to start. i finally bought a planner (this one from ban.do), spent the day prepping healthy meals for the week, and even got a blog post up. so far so good.


i haven’t done a post like this in ages (!) and felt like bringing it back (hopefully) as a regular series. i love the no-print outfit in this post — blue and rust are an amazing combination. buuuut i couldn’t help myself, and added a fun print to spice things up. this beautiful ophelia pang geometric pattern is bright and happy, and totally transforms the look.

look / print