hello there! i'm Diana, the New England girl that owns more stripes than solids, more leopard than black. i can mix patterns in my sleep and consider florals a neutral, no questions asked. i'm proud as hell of my striped tee collection, and never think twice about wearing head to toe prints. i pretty much see the world through rose-printed glasses.

i created this humble website as an ode to my love for patterns -- a place for inspiration, good design and reckless print mixing. 

when i get the chance i love to travel, and i find cooking incredibly relaxing. i enjoy spending weekends hiking with my fiance, and my dog Fox (scroll down to meet her! cute puppy photos included). i have a background in marketing, graphic design and social media, and currently work as a designer in somerville.


patterns are all around us if you care to look: in what we wear, where we live, and the world outside our doors. i wanted a place that captured the prints i was finding, creating, and inspired by -- so in 2015 i started miss prints: a creative outlet, guinea pig, and journal all rolled into one pattern-happy place. 

my mission for this space is and always will be a simple one: to share patterns that i really love. expect fun collages, pattern mixing, home inspiration, downloads, (maybe a few) outfit posts, and plenty of things i'm wishing for.


i live in Boston, MA. it's a city i've fallen in love with and i proudly call it home. i moved to boston in college and several years later purchased a fixer upper that we're slowly renovating and putting our personal touch on.

if you've never been to boston, you should come for the amazing food scene, killer architecture, booming innovation, insta-worthy coffee shops and world-class museums. the transit system is as bad as they say, please don't ask us to say "park" or "car" when you meet us (this happens more than you think), and yes we really do drink ice coffee all year round #dunkinsforlife.

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i drink iced coffee year round: medium ice with almond milk

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my top 3 prints are
stripes, leopard and eyeballs

3 /

my favorite season is fall

4 /

WITH dressed up alligators


5 /

from 9-5
i work as a designer

6 /

i am terrible at trivia

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my heritage is eastern european:
half polish and half slovak

8 /

without a doubt, i own
more shoes than clothes



MEET MY PARTNER IN CRIME, AND FREQUENT INSTAGRAM MODEL: foxTROT -- AKA FOX. THIS LITTLE LADY is a FOUR AND A HALF YEAR OLD siberian husky and HAPPENS TO BE the first dog i've ever owned. honestly, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT MADE IT SO LONG WITHOUT OWNING A PUP! my FIANCE and i adopted FOX in March 2014 (she was a darn cute puppy). YOU BETTER BELIEVE i will ask you if you want to see a picture of heR IF I EVER MEET YOU. 

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, FOX'S FAVORITE THINGS IN LIFE ARE: belly rubs, PLAYING IN THE SNOW, fluffy pillows, and eating whatever you're eating.

you can catch fox's day to day on her very own instagram account.



miss prints is comprised of original photos taken by me (or by my instagram husband) as well as graphics, collages, and patterns i have created. a good chunk of the content you'll find on here is of photos i find inspiring around the web. 

it is important to me that i accurately credit any content that is not mine. if you see work that is not properly recognized please let me know. likewise, if your work appears on this site and you would like it removed please send me a note -- i'll take your image down as soon as possible. in addition, you may not use the content or concepts i develop without crediting me. do not claim my work as your own.