i have been shopping too. much. lately. i think it's the promise of spring, or because i'm ready to go on a vacation -- either way, i've been window-shopping like it's my job. thankfully, my wish list is far longer than the list of items that i actually end up buying and keeping (phew!). always scheming my next purchase, i suppose.

speaking of: Anthropologie has so many great things right now, that it was worth a blog post. i'm talking about statement earrings, embroidered prints, a jumpsuit i need and some really good shoes -- shop what i'm eyeballing below, and let me know your favorites!

a gal's closet needs a great denim jacket. i love the white leopard embroidery on this option.

lots of embroidered details in Anthro's new arrivals, including this blouse with red embroidery.

raw hemmed jeans look extra cool with a cutout detail. 

striped pants for beach days.

these are pure magic: satin princess sandals with a floral gemstone.