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ICYMI, LEOPARD IS HAVING A MOMENT. It’s everywhere and it’s awesome. in my humble opinion, the only thing you need to know about leopard is that leopard goes with everything. leopard is made of tones of brown and black, a magical combination that makes it a dream to wear alone as a statement piece, or together with other prints. i like to think of leopard as a pattern neutral: pretty much anything and everything is fair game when pairing patterns with this animal print.


i love the look of leopard worn with plaid (another very forgiving print — they’re basically stripes) as seen here on Tamu McPherson, author of all the pretty birds. Tamu’s laid-back look is bold yet extremely wearable — everyone feels comfy wearing a hoodie of course. she makes wearing head-to-toe print effortless thanks to the colors and shapes she chose to pair: a bright red sweatshirt which tones down the sweetness of the unexpected ruffle pants, and the coat that has an easy silhouette, helping to tie the whole look together. once you get to your destination and take off your faux fur leo coat, you’re left with a very simple outfit.




happy friday! i'm back with another edition of my why this works series! -- an attempt to break down crazy print combinations that shouldn't go together, and share my favorite tricks behind why they do.

so let's talk about this gal's outfit: i was immediately drawn to her amazing people-print coat for obvious reasons -- good colors, classic shape, teddy texture, seriously cool pattern. this outfit is also great example of why pairing a large scale print with a smaller style will always look good. there are so many ways you can wear this coat, but instead of throwing on a white dress or jeans (although both would look amazing) consider something unexpected: a long yellow dress covered in dainty florals with a quirky striped basket clutch for example. the trick is playing with scale -- a large print will naturally steal your eye's focus allowing the smaller print to blend into the background. i always look for similar or complementary colors and a distinct difference in pattern size to make sure everything feels cohesive.

scroll down for more print mixing secrets hiding in this outfit!


+ this coat has a classic shape which helps this loud print feel not so loud -- stick to silhouettes you know and feel comfortable in.

long simple layers create a long and lean look that won't compete with head to toe pattern mixing.

+ when using two different pattern sizes in one look, be mindful of color and difference in size

+ pay attention to content -- florals are a pattern neutral and are easy to mix with trendier prints like the one found on this coat. 

+ don't shy away from playing with accessories in clashing prints (especially bags or shoes!), it's a low commitment way to experiment. 

+ when wearing a lot of patterns you need a place for your eye to rest. i like to stick with simple makeup and hair, like a fresh face and a low bun.


original photo / via we what wear


today i'm talking about one of my favorite topics: mixing prints! i've gone through years of trial and error and honestly mixing patterns can be intimidating, especially if you're trying something new. but once i learned what to look for i was mixing prints like a champ -- all you need are a few tricks. so i thought it would be fun to start a new series that really shows why certain pattern combos just work.

this look from @erealouro has a great preppy-california-cool vibe and is super easy to recreate -- chances are you have a stripe top hiding in your closet right now, am i right? i probably have ten (at least), so we're off to a good start. here are a few things i always consider when i mix prints:

why this works / mixing stripes and florals @themissprints

1. stripes are forever and always a neutral and will always go with everything, especially if it's a long-sleeve t-shirt. 

2.  keep your hair and makeup simple.

3. like stripes, florals are very universal and go with most prints. look for a floral pattern with a neutral color background like white, black, or brown so your outfit has a foundation. if it's an especially loud print like these palm pants, the black background will make it feel easier to style -- i know i never think twice about wearing all-black!

4. like makeup and hair, your accessories should somewhat blend in. try accessorizing with natural materials like a round straw bag. you'll achieve an effortless feel that won't compete with all of the patterns going on.

5. there is a hint of orange in the floral pant, which is unexpectedly worn with a pair of creamsicle-colored block sandals rather than something safe like black or brown. don't be afraid of color -- often that solid pop of color really completes the look.



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