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ICYMI, LEOPARD IS HAVING A MOMENT. It’s everywhere and it’s awesome. in my humble opinion, the only thing you need to know about leopard is that leopard goes with everything. leopard is made of tones of brown and black, a magical combination that makes it a dream to wear alone as a statement piece, or together with other prints. i like to think of leopard as a pattern neutral: pretty much anything and everything is fair game when pairing patterns with this animal print.


i love the look of leopard worn with plaid (another very forgiving print — they’re basically stripes) as seen here on Tamu McPherson, author of all the pretty birds. Tamu’s laid-back look is bold yet extremely wearable — everyone feels comfy wearing a hoodie of course. she makes wearing head-to-toe print effortless thanks to the colors and shapes she chose to pair: a bright red sweatshirt which tones down the sweetness of the unexpected ruffle pants, and the coat that has an easy silhouette, helping to tie the whole look together. once you get to your destination and take off your faux fur leo coat, you’re left with a very simple outfit.




i hope you had a great fourth! after the holiday i found myself with some extra downtime, so i obviously spent it window shopping on the internet (one of my guilty pleasures). Every time i fall down the shopping rabbit hole, i have a habit of filling multiple shopping carts before abandoning them. I do stick to one golden rule when i go through one of these browsing binges though: i need to wait a few days before actually buying anything from my cart(s), and if i am still thinking about that dress, those sandals, or those earrings etc. etc. then i'll totally cave. does anyone else do that? i swear it helps me minimize my impulsive purchases. so while i wait to see what sticks, i thought it would be fun to share what i have in my cart right now: a few things that are still on my mind and some that i've already bought. go on, take a look! 

checkered slides from hm | @themissprints

just bought this dress from everlane and i like it even more than i thought i would. an ideal length (not too long, but also not awkward), easy fabric, stripes. i would definitely recommend grabbing one for summer!

cotton midi striped shirtdress / everlane

hair clip from lou and grey | @themissprints

hair clip / lou & grey

rope bag from apprvl | @themissprints

this bag from apprvl is another purchase i recently made, and (omg) it is the perfect summer bag. i am obsessed. it falls perfectly, and holds more stuff than you'd think. seriously considering adding another color to my life (it also comes in pink, navy, and tan!).

rope tote / apprvl

terracotta cup | @themissprints

tera cotta cups / coggles

summer tee from lou and grey | @themissprints
black pearl slides from hm | @themissprints
lemon purse from jcrew | @themissprints

lemon purse / j.crew

pink rainbow earrings from lou and grey | @themissprints


hello hello! it's been a minute since i last posted on here! i must confess that lately i've been hanging out offline soaking up the sun and getting some house projects accomplished. but the times i have been on my laptop, i've been spending my time on tumblr. tumblr is hands down an escape from traditional social media, for me at least -- there's way less pressure to post the perfect photo (not to mention the stress that hashtags cause). i also love that there are no ads...for now. it's one of my favorite online sources for sparking inspiration when i'm feeling blah. so, after realizing i haven't posted something new here all month (oops!). I felt the urge to create a visual collection of my latest finds: Lots of good imagery like patterned pants, luxe fabrics, gingham, and cotton candy textures. even sparkly hair!


FRUIT, AND houndstooth

sparkly hair.gif



hi there! we finally got a preview of spring this friday (including 65 degree, sunny weather!), and i've started getting excited for a new season -- that means easy fabrics, colorful patterns, and shoes that are not boots! it's been a while since the last "collection with" post, so when i saw norvis' fall ready to wear for 2018 i knew it was worth sharing. this collection was designed for fall but the bright colors, breezy silhouettes and florals makes this feel perfect for spring. my favorite look is definitely the floral gown -- it's positively striking, and i wish i had a garden party i could wear this to.


who knew tulle and a chunky grandpa knit would go so great together. i also love the playful scallop d'orsay pumps -- a shoe didn't know i needed in my life until now.

two perfect floral gowns.


i lovvvvve this look. the scarf is enormous, almost comically so, but it looks so cool with a structured plaid dress and undone ankle tie flats. 

there are a few recurring patterns in norvis' collection, including plaid, polka dots and florals. my favorite print is this yellow floral -- it's so versatile!



collection via   ...   novis fall 2018 ready to wear


a little home inspiration for your friday morning, and it's realllly cute.

this charming old-meets-new kitchen is everything you'd ever want in a home. there is a subtle nod to the house's original 1939 Tudor aesthetic, but with modern delights -- like that tiled floor! there's a lot going on, but everything works together seamlessly. from the brass elements to the special details (like an oil painting, and gingham tea towels), this kitchen was curated to perfection. per-fect-tion. 

the emerald green cabinets made me really fall in love with this kitchen. i would have never thought to use dark green for a kitchen cabinet, but i like it so much more than the traditional white or wood. it's a refreshing change.

a close up of this gorgeous floor. and that gorgeous stove.

every kitchen needs a space to display a collection of curated objects, cookbooks, and pretty bowls. i love the idea of adding an oil painting to the mix.

the floating wood shelves add a much needed natural texture in this pattern-happy room, and a place for your eye to rest. i love that the shelves add a warm farmhouse feel, especially when paired with that perfect porcelain sink.

another little nook for dishes and collectables next to a handsome smeg refrigerator -- one appliance that will permanently live in my fictitious dream home (i've been coveting smeg's toaster too). 


shop the story below!

/ images via



you could call me a full-fledged fan and frequent customer of J.Crew (and can check out my past J.Crew musings here). in fact some of my most cherished pieces likely came from Jenna Lyons' creative mind. so when she announced her departure from J.Crew last month, many wondered what the future of J.Crew would look like or what kind of plans Lyons had up her impeccably rolled chambray sleeves. personally i'm wishing for a Jenna Lyons clothing line, but that's just me. one thing that's certain though: this gal has left a legacy filled with great patterns.


since her legacy at J.Crew was kind of a big deal, i've pulled together 11 of the most memorable print moments from the Jenna Lyons Era -- according to MP of course.

sequins for day | @themissprints



some say sequins are not a pattern, but i disagree. at J.Crew, Jenna introduced the idea of sequins for daytime. to avoid looking like a disco ball, she often styled sequins with contrasting casual pieces like cargo pants and slouchy tees to achieve a wearable look.

matchy-matchy @themissprints


matching prints is arguably one of the easiest ways to mix patterns. it's practically foolproof. obviously Jenna took the art of matching prints to the next level for J.Crew -- so much so that matching sets became a styling secret sauce of sorts. my favorites include polka dots, head-to-toe leopard, and the Jenna-famous stripes with stripes with stripes.



remember when clashing prints made you look like a fashion victim from What Not to Wear? with the Lyons touch, crazy combinations (like this) transform into something fresh, exciting, and most importantly, very cool. i'd be so bold to say that Jenna changed the pattern mixing game for a modern gal's everyday wardrobe. she made mixing prints approachable by crafting collections with pieces you could easily play around with and make your own.




i distinctly remember purchasing my first polka dot item of clothing ever, and it was from J.Crew.

i bought a top very similar to the dress pictured here about 6 or 7 years ago. since adding this ladylike piece to start my collection, polka dots have carved a place in my wardrobe -- as easy to wear as black and white. 

striped pants @themissprints



these pants may be J.Crew's greatest statement piece. striped pants could be intimidating, but Jenna managed to take that fear away. she treated striped pants with the ease of a striped tee.



what would Jenna's legacy be without mentioning the shoes! from ballet flats, to block pumps, her collection of shoes came in an exciting array of yummy prints: gingham and plaid, florals, stripes and lots of leopard. thanks to her, J.Crew offered some of the best shoes in the biz. each season i need to add another patterned pretty to my wardrobe -- it's an easy way to spice up a simple look.


these tiny Liberty of London florals have made multiple appearances while Jenna was Creative Director at J.Crew. from quilted jackets, to utilitarian button downs and the perfect pump, even swimsuits and hats, there is usually something available in this English classic print.

leopard and stripes | @themissprints


Jenna definetly made a strong argument for why stripes and leopard should be in every gal's wardrobe -- look how chic this mom of two is! and together, leo and stripes make one of the most classic pattern-pairings in women's fashion. it also happens to be one of Jenna's most signature combinations. and for that, i thank her.

j.crew camo | @themissprints


strange but true: camo is wildy versatile and pretty much goes with everything. i was super excited when J.Crew reintroduced this "pattern neutral" into the spotlight during their nyfw show earlier this year. but what i love most about camo is how it can take something extra-girly, like lace, tulle or pretty bows, and make you look laid-back yet chic. 





like stripes, plaid is a clear staple for J.Crew. it's safe to say that there is plaid on their shelves at all times. Jenna loved pairing this practical print with something glamorous and unexpected: a polished pencil skirt, bright lipstick, a sparkling statement necklace, or piles of patterns.






when i think of the ultimate cozy pattern, my mind often goes to this particular Fair Isle print. Jenna made Fair Isle a perfect choice for wearing around the holidays. i love it's simplicity, and i especially like the look of layering these sweaters with a button-down, scarf or even a blazer. 

jenna gif @themissprints

and this is just the tip of the iceberg. did i miss anything? trust me, it was a challenge to narrow down 26 years of patterns to one short list, and it made me realize that i really will miss Jenna's creativity and playful eye the most. let me know your favorite print moment in the comments!


images via J.Crew


happy Monday! i am lucky enough to have today off (happy president's day!), and am planning on spending it doing things i normally couldn't do during the week. like spend my morning blogging in the parlor, or going on a midday walk with foxy around the neighborhood. the possibilities feel endless!

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

since nyfw just ended, i thought it was time to do another "the collection with..." story.  this is Rochas Pre-Fall 2017 collection, and it has a lot of great moments: the colors (yellows, blush, peacock blue, and elephant gray), ankle-strap platforms with thick socks, snakeskin, fuzzy coats, golden brocade layered with preppy turtlenecks, delicate florals, velvet, monograms and imperfect hair.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

i was drawn to this collection partly because of the presentation. these photos are full of movement, capturing those awkward, but wonderful in between moments. an unexpected pairing with proper, aristocratic garb.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let's face it, for 2017 muppet fuzz is in -- whether it be a sandal covered in fluffy pom poms, or the warmest jacket you own. it's bright, bold and colorful. Rochas collection includes a faux fur coat in mustard gold and blush pink (keep on scrolling to see that one). 

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

florals and animal prints are a classic pattern mixing combination. in this instance, it's gray snakeskin and granny roses. below is the amazing snakeskin trench coat that inspired me to share this collection in the first place. i'm officially convinced that every girl needs a statement trench in their closet, and a trench made out of this snakeskin pattern feels unexpected but timeless.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

this is the blush faux fur coat, layered to perfection with velvet, brocade and chunky socks.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

the red snakeskin used in Rochas' collection is truly beautiful. in my opinion, colored snakeskin can run a fine line between impossibly chic and tacky, especially if it's red. but here, it totally works. i especially love how this skirt has been styled -- paired with an effortless rose colored tank, and luxe velvet pumps.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let me know which look was your favorite!

Rochas Pre-Fall 2017


this might surprise you, but i am someone who tends to wear patterns on a daily basis. it's almost a reflex -- i just need leopard to feel complete. so when i see a monochromatic look, i can't help but bring in a print (another surprise). here are a few fall outfits i'm currently inspired by, because sometimes an understated hint of print is all you need:

proof that leopard shoes are always a good idea.

a sliver of zebra print in an otherwise simple look.

the covetable kitty flats in spots.

who doesn't love plaid for fall? (trick question).

hint of plaid | @themissprints

who knew plaid cuffs and bright red pants were so stylish? (serious question).


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