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today i'm talking about one of my favorite topics: mixing prints! i've gone through years of trial and error and honestly mixing patterns can be intimidating, especially if you're trying something new. but once i learned what to look for i was mixing prints like a champ -- all you need are a few tricks. so i thought it would be fun to start a new series that really shows why certain pattern combos just work.

this look from @erealouro has a great preppy-california-cool vibe and is super easy to recreate -- chances are you have a stripe top hiding in your closet right now, am i right? i probably have ten (at least), so we're off to a good start. here are a few things i always consider when i mix prints:

why this works / mixing stripes and florals @themissprints

1. stripes are forever and always a neutral and will always go with everything, especially if it's a long-sleeve t-shirt. 

2.  keep your hair and makeup simple.

3. like stripes, florals are very universal and go with most prints. look for a floral pattern with a neutral color background like white, black, or brown so your outfit has a foundation. if it's an especially loud print like these palm pants, the black background will make it feel easier to style -- i know i never think twice about wearing all-black!

4. like makeup and hair, your accessories should somewhat blend in. try accessorizing with natural materials like a round straw bag. you'll achieve an effortless feel that won't compete with all of the patterns going on.

5. there is a hint of orange in the floral pant, which is unexpectedly worn with a pair of creamsicle-colored block sandals rather than something safe like black or brown. don't be afraid of color -- often that solid pop of color really completes the look.



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in case you haven't heard, Zara is having a massive sale. i stopped in there this weekend and, among the chaos, ended up finding this dress (the only thing that was not on sale). i didn't end up buying it, but am now rethinking my decision. i especially love the combination of blush and mint. the watercolor stripes are sending me beachy vibes, so i thought adding a pair of palm-print loafers and a wicker seashell clutch would complete the look. i'd love to wear this to dinner while on a tropical getaway, doesn't that sound nice? especially since it there's a nor'easter happening in Boston right now. happy Monday!


stripe dress  |   palm-print tassel loafers   |   shell clutch   |   rose gold sunglasses

valentino resort 2017 | @themissprints

so far this summer has been quick (how is it august 1st already?), and very, very hot. even though we're smack in the middle of a major heatwave, i'm dreaming of running off to an island vacation. 

Valentino's 2017 resort collection is a new favorite, and really captures my palm-tree-state-of-mind right now. it was inspired by Cuba, with cheerful tropical patterns: pineapples, hibiscus flowers, parrots, palm leaves and snakeskin. 

valentino resort 2017 | @themissprints

it's the dream vacation wardrobe -- bright and bold, with a 1950s elegance. i love the tea length skirts and ladylike shapes.

valentino resort 2017 | @themissprints

while ruffled off-the-shoulder tops are all the rage right now, this simple knitted tunic feels fresh. especially when paired with piles of prints. 

valentino resort 2017 | @themissprints

this floral pattern reminds me of a modern Marie Antoinette. also, note the pineapple earrings. #dies

valentino resort 2017 | @themissprints

plus stripes.

people prints | @themissprints

i've been really inspired by prints inspired by people. from hands to eyes to the whole person, these patterns are quirky and a little bit strange, but whimsical. wear it, decorate with it, or admire it every time you reach for a bit of green tea, you really can't go wrong. 

palm leaf pot // universal isaac

ladies at the beach print // danielle kroll

the boob tote // gravel & gold

tatas sweatshirt // need supply co

hand salad servers // ariel alasko

wink ring // hortense jewelry

bright eyes tea // drake general store

jewelry dish // west elm