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sharing my favorites for February at last! better late than never, right? i've been fighting a pretty bad cold the past few weeks (you know the one that everybody had?), and it wasn't fun. but thankfully, after plenty of chicken soup and warm tea, plus tissues and sleep, i am starting to feel like myself again.

this month's favorites are heavy on fashion, including new trends i love and a couple of pieces i've been coveting:

february favorites from @themissprints


i have always loved browsing runway shows, and earlier this month i wrote about the Rochas pre-fall collection. i was drawn in by the presentation; the photos are just. so. good. i love that they've captured motion, but focused on those awkward in-between moments. the mix of textures, colors and prints worked so well, with a couple of delightful surprises thrown in: velvet, a canary yellow, soft florals, turquoise silk and a good amount of silver snakeskin.

the collection with the snakeskin trench coat / Rochas


faux fur muppet-inspired coats have been mentioned a number of times on here, so now it's time to make it official: for February, fuzzy outerwear has earned it's place on this list. i have been passively looking for a one to call my own, hoping that eventually i will stumble upon the perfect one. Shrimps makes some of my favorite faux fur options -- they're playful and fresh, how can you go wrong with black and pink stripes?  

striped faux fur coat / Shrimps


i really enjoyed reading this book: a story about the author's childhood, and her relationships with her parents and three siblings. it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming, definitely reccomend picking up a copy! 

The Glass Castle / by Jeannette Walls


lately, i've been focused on finding a pair of mules for spring. mules seem to make anything you wear look effortless, (like magic!) and who doesn't want that? i bought a pair of Marais slides late last summer, and can't wait to finally wear them. mine are in the color cherry, and now i want sky too, ha! if you're considering a pair, i found they do run a full size small. 

these Loeffler Randall's are another pretty option if you're looking for mules/slides too. i also love these, and these. i could talk about mules all day -- but there's more on my shop page! 

Loeffler Randall mules / $350


i was excited to see camoflage in J.Crew's fall collection. to be honest, i completely forgot about camo! i have an old utility jacket from Club Monaco that i'm going to pull out and wear with stripes and/or polka dots. maybe a dash of leopard too. check out the rest of their collection for more inspo. 

J.Crew / fall 2017 ready-to-wear


happy Monday! i am lucky enough to have today off (happy president's day!), and am planning on spending it doing things i normally couldn't do during the week. like spend my morning blogging in the parlor, or going on a midday walk with foxy around the neighborhood. the possibilities feel endless!

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

since nyfw just ended, i thought it was time to do another "the collection with..." story.  this is Rochas Pre-Fall 2017 collection, and it has a lot of great moments: the colors (yellows, blush, peacock blue, and elephant gray), ankle-strap platforms with thick socks, snakeskin, fuzzy coats, golden brocade layered with preppy turtlenecks, delicate florals, velvet, monograms and imperfect hair.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

i was drawn to this collection partly because of the presentation. these photos are full of movement, capturing those awkward, but wonderful in between moments. an unexpected pairing with proper, aristocratic garb.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let's face it, for 2017 muppet fuzz is in -- whether it be a sandal covered in fluffy pom poms, or the warmest jacket you own. it's bright, bold and colorful. Rochas collection includes a faux fur coat in mustard gold and blush pink (keep on scrolling to see that one). 

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

florals and animal prints are a classic pattern mixing combination. in this instance, it's gray snakeskin and granny roses. below is the amazing snakeskin trench coat that inspired me to share this collection in the first place. i'm officially convinced that every girl needs a statement trench in their closet, and a trench made out of this snakeskin pattern feels unexpected but timeless.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

this is the blush faux fur coat, layered to perfection with velvet, brocade and chunky socks.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

the red snakeskin used in Rochas' collection is truly beautiful. in my opinion, colored snakeskin can run a fine line between impossibly chic and tacky, especially if it's red. but here, it totally works. i especially love how this skirt has been styled -- paired with an effortless rose colored tank, and luxe velvet pumps.

rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints
rochas pre-fall 2017 collection | @themissprints

let me know which look was your favorite!

Rochas Pre-Fall 2017

how miss prints wears a floppy hat | @themissprints


a black turtleneck and an a-line skirt


this awesome wide-brimmed hat from Eugenia Kim (i also love this one), a geometric clutch from Etsy and a pair of brocade slippers from Stubbs and Wootton.

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