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a few of my favorite things from September:


1. listening to and watching the music video of New York by St. Vincent

2. baking bread. i used this recipe, and this one is on my list to try next

3. the perfect menswear tunic from Zara

4. sheet masks

5. ready for fall with these Madewell mules


i know, i know: i haven't done a monthly favorites in a realllly long time (i'm the worst). i hate neglecting this space, but i'm working on being more consistent for fall. i always consider September as my new year, something about the change in seasons makes me feel the urge to refresh and start anew. especially after a whirlwind of a summer. to remedy this right away, here's what i've been up to this August with a few of my favorite finds and memories:



these fishbone earrings from still my heart! i know i share a lot of things i love on here, especially shoes and earrings, but these may just make my top 5 favorites of the year. they are the ideal length (aka they elongate your neck), and are light as a feather. plus i adore their hand drawn design. simply put: they're gorgeous. you can get a pair for yourself here, you'll love them as much as i do, promise!!


i must admit i bought this book because i liked the cover, and wasn't sure what to expect. i am challenged in the language of fine dining, and have zero experience working in a restaurant, but i became completely immersed in the world author Stephanie Danler created. what i loved most about Sweetbitter was the way the author described food and wine. it made me want to learn as much as i could about fine dining, and then eat everything the characters talked about. a good beach read!


this year, my fiance, fox and i decided to spend a week in one of our favorite places: North Conway (fun fact, we got engaged here!). we spend our days reading at the cabin, cooking or grabbing a bite to eat, watching DVDs, picking blueberries on the trail and going on daily hikes. this trip was exactly what we needed to unwind, unplug and leave feeling refreshed -- i already want to go back!


briefcase circle bags have been everywhere lately. although i am not sure how practical this particular shape is (how exactly do you get your wallet out without spilling everything?), but they sure are pretty. I've seen plenty of suede versions, so this dream wooden purse from Buwood was a breath of fresh air, and feels like a nice transition for fall, especially after straw bags being summer 2017's accessory of choice.


my morning cup of joe just got a little bit better with this cutie in my cupboard. one of my most used emojis is the eyeball emoji, and my favorite pattern of the moment is also the eyeball print -- coincidence? i think not. it also reminds me of a very similar mug that i used in Norway, so how could i say no?

april favorites | @themissprints

a few of my favorite things this april:

  • going to see Sleeping Beauty at the Boston Ballet for my birthday with my mom and Babcia. The Boston Ballet put on an absolutely stunning performance and it was truly a special day that i'll always remember. going to the ballet always makes me nostalgic for my dancing days -- fun fact: i was a ballerina for 18 years!
  • turning 28, and feeling really ok with it. going into this year engaged, with some fun projects in the future. i'd say i'm in a good place. and what's a birthday without some sweets?! this cake looks delicious.
  • with the help of my fiance, we're working on adding a cute little bathroom to our 1890s home. the brass faucet is one of my favorite details -- consider this a sneak peek! 
  • i'm so excited to start working on sprucing up our backyard! it's a complete blank slate. first up is adding a veggie and fruit garden. (i'm inspired by the design of these seed packets)
  • every closet needs a pair of leopard trousers, and these J.Crew linen pants are ideal for spring. 


it's Marathon Monday here in Boston. i love being a Bostonian on days like this, where the city swells with pride and there's an incredible buzz in the air. not to mention thousands of people coming together to perform a crazy feat. although i'm no runner, it's still a great day to call this place home. after a crazy few weeks of life, i finally got a chance to sit down and work on a list of my March favorites. let me know what you think!:

march favorites from | @themissprints



rather than always being glued to my computer screen, i'm trying to step away and make time to create art with my hands -- an ongoing personal project of sorts. i've mentioned embroidery and keeping a journal in my January favorites, and it's amazing how relaxing and reenergizing it can be. this month i decided to pull out my old watercolors and take a stab at some simple lettering (seen here!).

i've been loving Jasmine Dowling's the beautiful work, especially over on her instagram and blog (a must follow, trust me!). everything this Aussie artist creates is beautifully feminine, yet raw, refreshing and personal. other favorites include Eva Black and the lovely Cocorrina.  if you have any artists i should check out please share!

amature lettering / by me



is there anything better than stumbling upon a recipe that becomes one of your secret weapons? simply put: no, there's nothing quite like it. similar to my bone broth experiment, and this easy pickled onion recipe (another favorite from my friend Gabi's blog), homemade almond milk is officially one of my pantry staples. all you need is a cup of almonds, water, a few dates for sweetness, a blender and some patience. the result is a creamy, insanely delicious almond milk that is low in calories and actually good for you. plus it tastes a million times better than the store bought version. i like adding almond milk to my coffee or drinking it as is. in case you want to give it a go, the recipe i've been using is linked here.

almond milk recipe / oh she glows



i wore these earrings while running a few errands after work (a visit to Sephora counts as an errand, right?) and i was shocked at how many compliments i got. i bought them from Madewell, and they came exactly as expected. i absolutely love the yellow color and simple shape, and for $34, it's a no brainer! i only wish they came in more colors (are you listening, Madewell?).

enamel earrings / $34



i am trying NOT to sound like a broken record....but i'm mentioning mules again. more specifically this pair from Zara. yes, i recently made a wish list with ten of my favorite mules-of-the-moment, but after hitting publish i came across these pineapple cuties and had to share. what can i say, i crumble at the sight of satin pink fabric, and cheeky details.

gem silk slides with pineapples / Zara



i love dark nail colors, so i naturally gravitated towards this emerald green polish by Essie during a recent trip to Target. if i'm being honest, it was a beautiful spring day and i felt the need to treat myself, and i'm glad i did. this green is a little darker than pictured, and is really nice on. i like that it's a unique alternative to the reds, burgundy, and plums i usually reach for. and hey, it's Pantone's color of the year. #trendy.

off-tropic nail polish / Essie


sharing my favorites for February at last! better late than never, right? i've been fighting a pretty bad cold the past few weeks (you know the one that everybody had?), and it wasn't fun. but thankfully, after plenty of chicken soup and warm tea, plus tissues and sleep, i am starting to feel like myself again.

this month's favorites are heavy on fashion, including new trends i love and a couple of pieces i've been coveting:

february favorites from @themissprints


i have always loved browsing runway shows, and earlier this month i wrote about the Rochas pre-fall collection. i was drawn in by the presentation; the photos are just. so. good. i love that they've captured motion, but focused on those awkward in-between moments. the mix of textures, colors and prints worked so well, with a couple of delightful surprises thrown in: velvet, a canary yellow, soft florals, turquoise silk and a good amount of silver snakeskin.

the collection with the snakeskin trench coat / Rochas


faux fur muppet-inspired coats have been mentioned a number of times on here, so now it's time to make it official: for February, fuzzy outerwear has earned it's place on this list. i have been passively looking for a one to call my own, hoping that eventually i will stumble upon the perfect one. Shrimps makes some of my favorite faux fur options -- they're playful and fresh, how can you go wrong with black and pink stripes?  

striped faux fur coat / Shrimps


i really enjoyed reading this book: a story about the author's childhood, and her relationships with her parents and three siblings. it was both heartbreaking and heartwarming, definitely reccomend picking up a copy! 

The Glass Castle / by Jeannette Walls


lately, i've been focused on finding a pair of mules for spring. mules seem to make anything you wear look effortless, (like magic!) and who doesn't want that? i bought a pair of Marais slides late last summer, and can't wait to finally wear them. mine are in the color cherry, and now i want sky too, ha! if you're considering a pair, i found they do run a full size small. 

these Loeffler Randall's are another pretty option if you're looking for mules/slides too. i also love these, and these. i could talk about mules all day -- but there's more on my shop page! 

Loeffler Randall mules / $350


i was excited to see camoflage in J.Crew's fall collection. to be honest, i completely forgot about camo! i have an old utility jacket from Club Monaco that i'm going to pull out and wear with stripes and/or polka dots. maybe a dash of leopard too. check out the rest of their collection for more inspo. 

J.Crew / fall 2017 ready-to-wear


i love when bloggers (and vloggers!) publish a monthly favorite post. i've spent many, many Sunday mornings reading and watching them. they're truly personal and really vary from person to person -- it's cool to see! so, being January, i wanted to jump on the favorites-train and start an end-of-the-month, monthly column discussing items, fashion, habits, and beyond, that i simply cannot get out of my head. 

january favorites | @themissprints


aka writing sh*t down. this year i vowed to get better at jotting down my thoughts, goals, and notable (or purely random) events. i bought this daily planner from Moleskin, and have been writing in it before i go to sleep each night. i really like the layout of a daily planner because each day has it's own designated page, giving me only a certain amount of space. it only takes a few minutes, and has been strangely therapeutic over the past month. i feel less stressed, more creative, and even more productive. not sure if the new year feeling hasn't worn off yet or what, but keeping a journal has become one of my favorite new habits of January.

rifle paper co journal / $15


when it comes to accessories, i tend to go through phases. a few years ago, i was all about necklaces, then it was rings, then it was piles of bracelets (remember arm candy?). it really depends on my mood. 

lately, i've been all about earrings, earrings, earrings. i went from barely wearing them, to reaching for a pair every day. my next earring purchase will for sure be a pair of beaded tassels. these red Oscar de la Renta's are a dream!

Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings / $395


i looove to read. i have a 20 minute bus ride to work and try to designate my commute as my phone-free-time, so i usually spend my it reading. currently i'm working on The Hike: a story about a guy who goes on a hike and finds himself in a strange alternate universe. it's funny, clever, and unexpected, and reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. right now i am half way through and the story keeps getting better and better. but i still don't have a clue what is going on -- every time i think i do, something happens that changes everything. 

The Hike by Drew Magary / $15


i've heard a lot about bone broth and its health benefits. i might be a littttle late to the party, but this month i decided to give it a go. i used a recipe from Goop, which was as easy as throwing everything into a crockpot and setting a timer. i had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen too. the broth comes out silky and delicious, perfect for sipping on a cold day.

bone broth / Goop
Kate Spade sauce pot / $65



this might be my absolute favorite, favorite of the month. i've been hooked on embroidery. it started when i found @SarahKBenning on instagram, and fell in love with her beautifully detailed pieces. after that, i fell into a rabbit hole exploring the world of embroidery. Sarah also offers tutorials so you can learn on your own. which, of course, i tried. i am a complete beginner and really enjoy spending an internet-free afternoon trying a new design. like journaling, embroidery has been relaxing and fun -- i especially love seeing my lines get straighter!

embroidery by / Sarah K. Benning