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i know, i know: i haven't done a monthly favorites in a realllly long time (i'm the worst). i hate neglecting this space, but i'm working on being more consistent for fall. i always consider September as my new year, something about the change in seasons makes me feel the urge to refresh and start anew. especially after a whirlwind of a summer. to remedy this right away, here's what i've been up to this August with a few of my favorite finds and memories:



these fishbone earrings from still my heart! i know i share a lot of things i love on here, especially shoes and earrings, but these may just make my top 5 favorites of the year. they are the ideal length (aka they elongate your neck), and are light as a feather. plus i adore their hand drawn design. simply put: they're gorgeous. you can get a pair for yourself here, you'll love them as much as i do, promise!!


i must admit i bought this book because i liked the cover, and wasn't sure what to expect. i am challenged in the language of fine dining, and have zero experience working in a restaurant, but i became completely immersed in the world author Stephanie Danler created. what i loved most about Sweetbitter was the way the author described food and wine. it made me want to learn as much as i could about fine dining, and then eat everything the characters talked about. a good beach read!


this year, my fiance, fox and i decided to spend a week in one of our favorite places: North Conway (fun fact, we got engaged here!). we spend our days reading at the cabin, cooking or grabbing a bite to eat, watching DVDs, picking blueberries on the trail and going on daily hikes. this trip was exactly what we needed to unwind, unplug and leave feeling refreshed -- i already want to go back!


briefcase circle bags have been everywhere lately. although i am not sure how practical this particular shape is (how exactly do you get your wallet out without spilling everything?), but they sure are pretty. I've seen plenty of suede versions, so this dream wooden purse from Buwood was a breath of fresh air, and feels like a nice transition for fall, especially after straw bags being summer 2017's accessory of choice.


my morning cup of joe just got a little bit better with this cutie in my cupboard. one of my most used emojis is the eyeball emoji, and my favorite pattern of the moment is also the eyeball print -- coincidence? i think not. it also reminds me of a very similar mug that i used in Norway, so how could i say no?