it's Marathon Monday here in Boston. i love being a Bostonian on days like this, where the city swells with pride and there's an incredible buzz in the air. not to mention thousands of people coming together to perform a crazy feat. although i'm no runner, it's still a great day to call this place home. after a crazy few weeks of life, i finally got a chance to sit down and work on a list of my March favorites. let me know what you think!:

march favorites from | @themissprints



rather than always being glued to my computer screen, i'm trying to step away and make time to create art with my hands -- an ongoing personal project of sorts. i've mentioned embroidery and keeping a journal in my January favorites, and it's amazing how relaxing and reenergizing it can be. this month i decided to pull out my old watercolors and take a stab at some simple lettering (seen here!).

i've been loving Jasmine Dowling's the beautiful work, especially over on her instagram and blog (a must follow, trust me!). everything this Aussie artist creates is beautifully feminine, yet raw, refreshing and personal. other favorites include Eva Black and the lovely Cocorrina.  if you have any artists i should check out please share!

amature lettering / by me



is there anything better than stumbling upon a recipe that becomes one of your secret weapons? simply put: no, there's nothing quite like it. similar to my bone broth experiment, and this easy pickled onion recipe (another favorite from my friend Gabi's blog), homemade almond milk is officially one of my pantry staples. all you need is a cup of almonds, water, a few dates for sweetness, a blender and some patience. the result is a creamy, insanely delicious almond milk that is low in calories and actually good for you. plus it tastes a million times better than the store bought version. i like adding almond milk to my coffee or drinking it as is. in case you want to give it a go, the recipe i've been using is linked here.

almond milk recipe / oh she glows



i wore these earrings while running a few errands after work (a visit to Sephora counts as an errand, right?) and i was shocked at how many compliments i got. i bought them from Madewell, and they came exactly as expected. i absolutely love the yellow color and simple shape, and for $34, it's a no brainer! i only wish they came in more colors (are you listening, Madewell?).

enamel earrings / $34



i am trying NOT to sound like a broken record....but i'm mentioning mules again. more specifically this pair from Zara. yes, i recently made a wish list with ten of my favorite mules-of-the-moment, but after hitting publish i came across these pineapple cuties and had to share. what can i say, i crumble at the sight of satin pink fabric, and cheeky details.

gem silk slides with pineapples / Zara



i love dark nail colors, so i naturally gravitated towards this emerald green polish by Essie during a recent trip to Target. if i'm being honest, it was a beautiful spring day and i felt the need to treat myself, and i'm glad i did. this green is a little darker than pictured, and is really nice on. i like that it's a unique alternative to the reds, burgundy, and plums i usually reach for. and hey, it's Pantone's color of the year. #trendy.

off-tropic nail polish / Essie