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you could call me a full-fledged fan and frequent customer of J.Crew (and can check out my past J.Crew musings here). in fact some of my most cherished pieces likely came from Jenna Lyons' creative mind. so when she announced her departure from J.Crew last month, many wondered what the future of J.Crew would look like or what kind of plans Lyons had up her impeccably rolled chambray sleeves. personally i'm wishing for a Jenna Lyons clothing line, but that's just me. one thing that's certain though: this gal has left a legacy filled with great patterns.


since her legacy at J.Crew was kind of a big deal, i've pulled together 11 of the most memorable print moments from the Jenna Lyons Era -- according to MP of course.

sequins for day | @themissprints



some say sequins are not a pattern, but i disagree. at J.Crew, Jenna introduced the idea of sequins for daytime. to avoid looking like a disco ball, she often styled sequins with contrasting casual pieces like cargo pants and slouchy tees to achieve a wearable look.

matchy-matchy @themissprints


matching prints is arguably one of the easiest ways to mix patterns. it's practically foolproof. obviously Jenna took the art of matching prints to the next level for J.Crew -- so much so that matching sets became a styling secret sauce of sorts. my favorites include polka dots, head-to-toe leopard, and the Jenna-famous stripes with stripes with stripes.



remember when clashing prints made you look like a fashion victim from What Not to Wear? with the Lyons touch, crazy combinations (like this) transform into something fresh, exciting, and most importantly, very cool. i'd be so bold to say that Jenna changed the pattern mixing game for a modern gal's everyday wardrobe. she made mixing prints approachable by crafting collections with pieces you could easily play around with and make your own.




i distinctly remember purchasing my first polka dot item of clothing ever, and it was from J.Crew.

i bought a top very similar to the dress pictured here about 6 or 7 years ago. since adding this ladylike piece to start my collection, polka dots have carved a place in my wardrobe -- as easy to wear as black and white. 

striped pants @themissprints



these pants may be J.Crew's greatest statement piece. striped pants could be intimidating, but Jenna managed to take that fear away. she treated striped pants with the ease of a striped tee.



what would Jenna's legacy be without mentioning the shoes! from ballet flats, to block pumps, her collection of shoes came in an exciting array of yummy prints: gingham and plaid, florals, stripes and lots of leopard. thanks to her, J.Crew offered some of the best shoes in the biz. each season i need to add another patterned pretty to my wardrobe -- it's an easy way to spice up a simple look.


these tiny Liberty of London florals have made multiple appearances while Jenna was Creative Director at J.Crew. from quilted jackets, to utilitarian button downs and the perfect pump, even swimsuits and hats, there is usually something available in this English classic print.

leopard and stripes | @themissprints


Jenna definetly made a strong argument for why stripes and leopard should be in every gal's wardrobe -- look how chic this mom of two is! and together, leo and stripes make one of the most classic pattern-pairings in women's fashion. it also happens to be one of Jenna's most signature combinations. and for that, i thank her.

j.crew camo | @themissprints


strange but true: camo is wildy versatile and pretty much goes with everything. i was super excited when J.Crew reintroduced this "pattern neutral" into the spotlight during their nyfw show earlier this year. but what i love most about camo is how it can take something extra-girly, like lace, tulle or pretty bows, and make you look laid-back yet chic. 





like stripes, plaid is a clear staple for J.Crew. it's safe to say that there is plaid on their shelves at all times. Jenna loved pairing this practical print with something glamorous and unexpected: a polished pencil skirt, bright lipstick, a sparkling statement necklace, or piles of patterns.






when i think of the ultimate cozy pattern, my mind often goes to this particular Fair Isle print. Jenna made Fair Isle a perfect choice for wearing around the holidays. i love it's simplicity, and i especially like the look of layering these sweaters with a button-down, scarf or even a blazer. 

jenna gif @themissprints

and this is just the tip of the iceberg. did i miss anything? trust me, it was a challenge to narrow down 26 years of patterns to one short list, and it made me realize that i really will miss Jenna's creativity and playful eye the most. let me know your favorite print moment in the comments!


images via J.Crew

matisse at the mfa

exciting news for Boston area art lovers! a Henri Matisse exhibit is coming to the Museum of Fine Arts this April. spending an afternoon at the MFA is always a treat, and i am super excited for this one to open. titled "Matisse in Studio", you will be able to explore the French artist's creative process, and see how objects from his studio served as inspiration for his famous pieces of art. 

Matisse was greatly inspired by his surroundings (something i think most of us can relate to), and April's exhibition will be the first that offers a side by side comparison of his artwork to the actual items they were inspired by. interesting, right? 

matisse at the mfa

Matisse's work is bright and often filled with patterns, like his iconic seaweed-like cutouts (above). 

matisse at the mfa
matisse at the mfa
matisse at the mfa

the countdown to april begins!


images via


get ready for a lot of printspiration! today's Muse is Caroline Kaufman:

i stumbled upon Caroline through Instagram (of course), and was instantly inspired. maybe love at first sight. Caroline lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and has an enviable eye for bright colors, crafting cool textures, and mixing patterns. she is know for her hand-painted prints and playful aesthetic. 

i enjoy the beauty of great things, but am most fascinated by the quirks of small treasures.
— Caroline Kaufman
caroline kaufman | @themissprints
caroline kaufman | @themissprints

the textures Caroline creates in her textiles are some of my favorite elements of her work -- this jacket is a perfect example. i love the rust and lilac zig-zags (an unconventional color pairing that works so well), matched with teeny polka dot perforations, and red-orange tweed. plus a little fringe. 

caroline kaufman | @themissprints
caroline kaufman | @themissprints
caroline kaufman | @themissprints

the attention to detail is stunning. especially apparent in this beetle and cactus print dress: each beetle even has it's own pattern and personality.

caroline kaufman | @themissprints

i really appreciate Caroline's presentation of her work. these colorful, abstract graphics are a whimsical way to showcase her magical array of prints. you can even buy a print of her illustrations, including the beetles.

caroline kaufman | @themissprints
caroline kaufman | @themissprints

more beetles! more tweed! more knitted flowers!

caroline kaufman | @themissprints

one more photo of the beetle dress. just stunning, especially with her presentation and styling (that turquoise eyeshadow, and tousled hair) everything works so seamlessly. 

caroline kaufman | @themissprints

i hope you enjoyed Caroline's work as much as i do! head over to her website for more goodies. 

all images via Caroline Kaufman.

MUSEDiana Janec
miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

today's muse is Kenesha Sneed (AKA Tactile Matter): illustrator and ceramic artist from sunny Cali. Kenesha creates swoon-worthy mugs, planters and bowls that come in great prints -- like adorably tiny cactuses, and geometric designs. ah!

miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

i stumbled upon Tactile Matter on Pinterest, and read a little bit about the artist herehere and here. after her ceramic side hustle became too popular to manage, Kenesha took the leap from working a full-time job to being her own boss.

she also gave refreshing advice: like what kind of space you should work in (an inspiring one), how to conquer prioritizing your life (balance!), and the secrets behind her glowing skin (because i need to know).

miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

let's talk Tactile Matter ceramics:

Tactile Matter's ceramics are fantastic -- they are what originally caught my eye. i love the organic, earthen vibes, and bright, natural colors. if i were a better plant mother, i would buy all of these pots for my plant babies. these little pots would also be adorable for storing makeup (a brush and lipstick holder perhaps?), or to use as something practical like a catchall for keys.

the tiny cactus printed pot is my favorite.

miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

i also lovvvved her approach towards having daily routine (via this interview):

I try not to take my routine too seriously, especially since each day might present a new task, so my approach is to work hard while enjoying my time throughout the day...but it usually always finishes with good food and conversation.
— Kenesha Sneed
miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter
feels by edau
miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

STYLE MUSE: this girl has style. a mix of vintage, bright colors, and LOTS of really great denim.

miss prints muse: ceramic artist tactile matter

i also discovered Tactile Matter has a tumblr, which makes me so happy. it's full of gems, like this amazing gif -- how could you not smile watching it?! 


photos via: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

ana strumpf vogue

pile on the prints!

ana strumpf i-d
ana strumpf system

anyone else scribble on newspapers when they're bored? my doodling career spans as far as absentmindedly drawing mustaches on poor unsuspecting folks that appear in whatever magazine or newspaper i have laying around when i'm avoiding getting sh*t done. 

enter Ana Strumpf: a Brazilian interior designer, and an absolute genius at patterns. Ana has built an AWESOME portfolio of high fashion magazines adorned with kooky makeup, and BRIGHT patterns that knocks my mustachioed creations clear out of the water. i just love her Re.Cover collection which she started in 2012. all of her pieces are hand-drawn directly on magazine covers with stamps and pens.

isn't she the coolest?? 

it was hard to choose, but here are my 8 favorites. i urge you to check out the rest of her work here:

ana strumpf another kate moss

this one might be my favorite combo: eyes, stripes and moss.

ana strumpf bazaar

bold polka dots and, those eyebrows!

ana strumpf another kate moss
ana strumpf the gentlewoman

two beauties in red, fun winged hearts, polka dotted hose, and a great headpiece

ana strumpf pattern mixing inspiration

those cheeks! i am quite fond of her polka dot ripped jeans too