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for this australian home, the word “green” has multiple applications. you might be referring to the collection of cacti, palms and succulents that grow throughout the house. or you could be talking about that amazing shade of green that is used in the most perfect places. the word “green” also defines the eco-friendly mission upon which this living space was created: a sustainable and impossibly chic method to urban living.


i really love using the color green in kitchens (as last seen here). it feels clean, homey, unexpected. although the color made me fall for this kitchen upon first glance, it is the seamless use of squares throughout the home that i really love. you can find squares in the kitchen and bathroom tile, that amazing grid partition, and the retro square wall that frames the patio. there is a sense of simplicity and minimalism yet there are so many patterns hidden if you take a second look.


one thing you might notice is the amount of concrete used in the living space. it was an intentional eco-friendly decision which might have translated as stark and cold — not the best material for a cozy retreat. somehow this house feels the exact opposite. it feels relaxing, light, natural. the homeowners used a mixture of recycled materials and found or vintage accents (plus plenty of plants) to add warmth. so smart.


i love love love the unexpected green tub. in all honesty, i’ve always wanted a colorful tub for my bathroom and now i think mine will have to be a similar emerald hue. it’s a surprise accent and it pairs nicely with the grid motif, uneven concrete, and stark white faucets.


this beautiful patio is amazing outdoor space for urban living. i especially love the square retro accent wall and the way the homeowner decided to mix reclaimed wood with rusting metals.

images via: the design files

april favorites | @themissprints

a few of my favorite things this april:

  • going to see Sleeping Beauty at the Boston Ballet for my birthday with my mom and Babcia. The Boston Ballet put on an absolutely stunning performance and it was truly a special day that i'll always remember. going to the ballet always makes me nostalgic for my dancing days -- fun fact: i was a ballerina for 18 years!
  • turning 28, and feeling really ok with it. going into this year engaged, with some fun projects in the future. i'd say i'm in a good place. and what's a birthday without some sweets?! this cake looks delicious.
  • with the help of my fiance, we're working on adding a cute little bathroom to our 1890s home. the brass faucet is one of my favorite details -- consider this a sneak peek! 
  • i'm so excited to start working on sprucing up our backyard! it's a complete blank slate. first up is adding a veggie and fruit garden. (i'm inspired by the design of these seed packets)
  • every closet needs a pair of leopard trousers, and these J.Crew linen pants are ideal for spring. 


i love when bloggers (and vloggers!) publish a monthly favorite post. i've spent many, many Sunday mornings reading and watching them. they're truly personal and really vary from person to person -- it's cool to see! so, being January, i wanted to jump on the favorites-train and start an end-of-the-month, monthly column discussing items, fashion, habits, and beyond, that i simply cannot get out of my head. 

january favorites | @themissprints


aka writing sh*t down. this year i vowed to get better at jotting down my thoughts, goals, and notable (or purely random) events. i bought this daily planner from Moleskin, and have been writing in it before i go to sleep each night. i really like the layout of a daily planner because each day has it's own designated page, giving me only a certain amount of space. it only takes a few minutes, and has been strangely therapeutic over the past month. i feel less stressed, more creative, and even more productive. not sure if the new year feeling hasn't worn off yet or what, but keeping a journal has become one of my favorite new habits of January.

rifle paper co journal / $15


when it comes to accessories, i tend to go through phases. a few years ago, i was all about necklaces, then it was rings, then it was piles of bracelets (remember arm candy?). it really depends on my mood. 

lately, i've been all about earrings, earrings, earrings. i went from barely wearing them, to reaching for a pair every day. my next earring purchase will for sure be a pair of beaded tassels. these red Oscar de la Renta's are a dream!

Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings / $395


i looove to read. i have a 20 minute bus ride to work and try to designate my commute as my phone-free-time, so i usually spend my it reading. currently i'm working on The Hike: a story about a guy who goes on a hike and finds himself in a strange alternate universe. it's funny, clever, and unexpected, and reminds me a bit of Alice in Wonderland. right now i am half way through and the story keeps getting better and better. but i still don't have a clue what is going on -- every time i think i do, something happens that changes everything. 

The Hike by Drew Magary / $15


i've heard a lot about bone broth and its health benefits. i might be a littttle late to the party, but this month i decided to give it a go. i used a recipe from Goop, which was as easy as throwing everything into a crockpot and setting a timer. i had most of the ingredients already in my kitchen too. the broth comes out silky and delicious, perfect for sipping on a cold day.

bone broth / Goop
Kate Spade sauce pot / $65



this might be my absolute favorite, favorite of the month. i've been hooked on embroidery. it started when i found @SarahKBenning on instagram, and fell in love with her beautifully detailed pieces. after that, i fell into a rabbit hole exploring the world of embroidery. Sarah also offers tutorials so you can learn on your own. which, of course, i tried. i am a complete beginner and really enjoy spending an internet-free afternoon trying a new design. like journaling, embroidery has been relaxing and fun -- i especially love seeing my lines get straighter!

embroidery by / Sarah K. Benning