rugs! they've been on my mind (did you see this post?). i've decided my next big home purchase will be a bright moroccan rug. although i haven't found the right one yet (at the right price), i've really enjoyed the hunt. i like these eight handmade options. their geometric motifs make them easy to incorporate into any living space, and i would have so much fun mixing in layers of patterns to create a cozy-bohemian room:

a   one of a kind handmade rug  from Azilal, Morocco

a one of a kind handmade rug from Azilal, Morocco

there's no rhyme or reason to the pattern on this wool rug from Beklina, which is why it's so great.

another rug from Beklina. i love these colors! 

this Etsy shop has perfectly styled photos and lovely rugs. i like this one's imperfect wavy lines, and neon pink and purple colors. i'll take the shoes too, please.

this rug feels so summery and light. i like the faded blues, and thin embroidery. wouldn't this be great for an indoor patio? i don't have one, but a girl can dream.

i wanted to share every single rug from Semikah Textiles, but i made myself pick one. i decided on this fantastic, ombre faded runner -- need it for my hallway!

this technically isn't a moroccan rug, BUT the uneven scallops and rainbow hues reminded me of one.

the rugs sold at Loom and Field are beeeautiful. Loom and Field is based in France, and they sell vintage moroccan rugs in bright, cheerful colors. this rug's oversized diamond pattern caught my eye.

one more pretty rug from Beklina

it breaks my heart that this rug is sold out! the patterns!