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interior designers always have the best homes. it's cool to see how their design comes alive if they have no rules and no one telling them what to do. after stumbling upon this interview on Glitter Guide, i fell completely in love with interior stylist, Jennifer Harrison's, bohemian house. founder of Flea Market Fab, Jennifer has an effortless sense, and an enviable collection of Moroccan rugs. every inch of this this colorful, cozy, comfortable bungalow is full of magic -- both outside and in.

a wrap around deck has always been a dream of mine. and in my imagination i see something very similar to this one: bright and filled to the brim with plants, found treasures, rugs, and distressed furniture -- including a place to store dinnerware for a spontaneous dinner party. 

the artist and her cute little pup surrounded by plants -- both real and in wallpaper form.

a dramatic geometric runner for a white staircase. it almost looks hand drawn, adding to the rustic, found feeling this home has throughout.

an expert thrifter, Jennifer is always hunting for new objects. because of that, she is constantly rearranging her style at home. there is so much going on, but is simultaneously cozy and lived in -- you can tell that each detail was carefully found.

poufs are the new chairs. they're especially snazzy in moroccan fabrics.

the two contrasting rugs work so well in this bedroom, and the addition of poufs and pillows in similar textures really ties the room together. simple white walls and clean accessories keep the space looking fresh.

more rug mixing, and patterned wallpaper. everything just works.

if i had to choose, i think this home has left me most inspired to start collecting rugs. not sure if that's a good thing, or a dangerous thing -- sorry in advance bank account -- but the mixture of moroccan colors and prints truly make these spaces homey and unique.


rugs! they've been on my mind (did you see this post?). i've decided my next big home purchase will be a bright moroccan rug. although i haven't found the right one yet (at the right price), i've really enjoyed the hunt. i like these eight handmade options. their geometric motifs make them easy to incorporate into any living space, and i would have so much fun mixing in layers of patterns to create a cozy-bohemian room:

a   one of a kind handmade rug  from Azilal, Morocco

a one of a kind handmade rug from Azilal, Morocco

there's no rhyme or reason to the pattern on this wool rug from Beklina, which is why it's so great.

another rug from Beklina. i love these colors! 

this Etsy shop has perfectly styled photos and lovely rugs. i like this one's imperfect wavy lines, and neon pink and purple colors. i'll take the shoes too, please.

this rug feels so summery and light. i like the faded blues, and thin embroidery. wouldn't this be great for an indoor patio? i don't have one, but a girl can dream.

i wanted to share every single rug from Semikah Textiles, but i made myself pick one. i decided on this fantastic, ombre faded runner -- need it for my hallway!

this technically isn't a moroccan rug, BUT the uneven scallops and rainbow hues reminded me of one.

the rugs sold at Loom and Field are beeeautiful. Loom and Field is based in France, and they sell vintage moroccan rugs in bright, cheerful colors. this rug's oversized diamond pattern caught my eye.

one more pretty rug from Beklina

it breaks my heart that this rug is sold out! the patterns!




i come across a lot of things that i think are too special not to be shared. or, really, they're just random things that i'm interested in this week.  

here are some of those finds from the last week of 2015.

kimchi and veggie soup sounds like a perfect healthy go-to after my gluttonous holiday...

cool starburst diy: a dramatic (yet it looks easy) way to dress up a simple ceiling light fixture

this sweet little cartoon series warms my heart. it's all about the little things that make love so wonderful




i don't know about you, but a good Persian rug makes my heart flutter -- i've become a bit obsessed. i've always seen Persian rugs in living rooms and bedrooms, doing their thing by making any space more casual, effortless and cozy instantly.

but in a bathroom!?

i never thought of that before.

behold -- proof that rooms can become transformed by one of these guys SO easily. making things a little less perfect and sterile, and a little bit more warm and inviting. i guess it's official: i will have a Persian rug in every room of my home (they also look great in kitchens, by the way). it's a good thing they come in so many different patterns.

scroll down for six of my favorite bathrooms with Persian Rugs:

i want to hang out here -- it looks so comfortable and cabin-y

i love a good old fashioned black, white and gold color combo (with some spring green thrown in)

this worn rug really grounds this fantastic modern bathroom. without it, i think this bathroom would look too sterile

a bright rug is all this simple rustic bathroom needs (the wooden beams help too)

pattern on pattern! 

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