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a little home inspiration for your friday morning, and it's realllly cute.

this charming old-meets-new kitchen is everything you'd ever want in a home. there is a subtle nod to the house's original 1939 Tudor aesthetic, but with modern delights -- like that tiled floor! there's a lot going on, but everything works together seamlessly. from the brass elements to the special details (like an oil painting, and gingham tea towels), this kitchen was curated to perfection. per-fect-tion. 

the emerald green cabinets made me really fall in love with this kitchen. i would have never thought to use dark green for a kitchen cabinet, but i like it so much more than the traditional white or wood. it's a refreshing change.

a close up of this gorgeous floor. and that gorgeous stove.

every kitchen needs a space to display a collection of curated objects, cookbooks, and pretty bowls. i love the idea of adding an oil painting to the mix.

the floating wood shelves add a much needed natural texture in this pattern-happy room, and a place for your eye to rest. i love that the shelves add a warm farmhouse feel, especially when paired with that perfect porcelain sink.

another little nook for dishes and collectables next to a handsome smeg refrigerator -- one appliance that will permanently live in my fictitious dream home (i've been coveting smeg's toaster too). 


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