ana strumpf vogue

pile on the prints!

ana strumpf i-d
ana strumpf system

anyone else scribble on newspapers when they're bored? my doodling career spans as far as absentmindedly drawing mustaches on poor unsuspecting folks that appear in whatever magazine or newspaper i have laying around when i'm avoiding getting sh*t done. 

enter Ana Strumpf: a Brazilian interior designer, and an absolute genius at patterns. Ana has built an AWESOME portfolio of high fashion magazines adorned with kooky makeup, and BRIGHT patterns that knocks my mustachioed creations clear out of the water. i just love her Re.Cover collection which she started in 2012. all of her pieces are hand-drawn directly on magazine covers with stamps and pens.

isn't she the coolest?? 

it was hard to choose, but here are my 8 favorites. i urge you to check out the rest of her work here:

ana strumpf another kate moss

this one might be my favorite combo: eyes, stripes and moss.

ana strumpf bazaar

bold polka dots and, those eyebrows!

ana strumpf another kate moss
ana strumpf the gentlewoman

two beauties in red, fun winged hearts, polka dotted hose, and a great headpiece

ana strumpf pattern mixing inspiration

those cheeks! i am quite fond of her polka dot ripped jeans too