this apartment is stunning -- full of unapologetically bright colors and exciting pattern combinations. i know i say this a lot, but can i please live here?

this red and white kitchen is my favorite room out of the whole home tour, and it might be easy to see why -- it's really all about the floral walls & zig-zag ceiling. both are actually hand-painted, and the high ceilings help make an otherwise intimidating combination work impeccably. i love that the owner took a risk with this; the mural makes the space feel complete. 

(that's Marie-Anne's pup Aedo)

(that's Marie-Anne's pup Aedo)

this home is a one-room flat located in a hotel in Jaipur, India. six years ago, Dutch fashion designer, Marie-Anne Oudejans (most known for her work with Tocca), moved to this royal city in hopes of finding adventure. based on how cool this apartment is, it seems like she found what she was looking for. every corner is dripping with opulent details -- like this golden mirror frame, and funky canopy bench -- but it has enough places for your eye to rest, like the simple floors and calming blue paint. 

Marie-Anne's opulent home in India | @themissprints

fun fact about Jaipur: it is known as the Pink City of India due to its salmon-colored buildings. Jaipur is also the country's epicenter for shopping where you can find treasures like gems, textiles, carpets, antiques and jewelry. 

colorful home in India | @themissprints

upholstered headboards are quite common, yet you never see them mixed with a metal canopy bed. noted.

an opulent bedroom in Jaipur India @themissprints
an opulent home in India @themissprints

the zig-zags continue in this precious dressing room. i absolutely adore every detail, down to the sleepy dog. 

Marie-Anne's opulent home in India | @themissprints