hello! i'm Diana, the New England girl that owns more stripes than solids, more leopard than black. i can mix prints in my sleep and consider florals a neutral, no questions asked.

i'm also the voice behind this humble blog, and my mission for this space is simple: to share patterns that i really love.





i strive to share the coolest patterns on the interwebs. according to me, at least. plus treasures i am wishing for, things i want to try, discoveries i like, inspiration, and a fair amount of pattern mixing.

miss prints is an ongoing project, a personal journal, a portfolio and a creative outlet. 





i live in Boston, MA -- a city i've fallen in love with. i also went to college here. i love to travel, i find cooking relaxing, and like to spend weekends hiking with my dog Fox. i have a background in marketing, graphic design and social media, and currently work in tourism.



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i drink ice coffee
all year round

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fall is my favorite part of the year and summer is my least favorite

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i own more shoes
than clothes

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i've been blogging since 2010. i started when i was a junior in college


fox (foxtrot) is a siberian husky, and weighs 41 pounds. she is the first dog i've ever owned, so if i meet you, i will ask you if you want to see a picture of her. my boyfriend and i adopted her in March 2014 (she was a darn cute puppy). 

fox loves belly rubs, fluffy pillows, and eating whatever you're eating.



miss prints is comprised of original photos taken by me (or by my instagram husband) as well as graphics, collages, and patterns i have created. you may not use the content or concepts i develop without crediting me, and do not claim my work as your own.

a good chunk of the content you'll find on here is of photos i find inspiring around the web. it is important to me that i accurately credit any content that is not mine. if you see work that is not properly recognized please let me know. likewise, if your work appears on this site and you would like it removed please send me a note -- i'll take your image down as soon as possible.